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How do I use Feedback CV mode on Magneto?

You can actually get CV control of the individual FEEDBACK ON/OFF buttons when a corresponding transport CV jack is plugged in while the TRANSPORT LED is OFF. You must first set DIP switch 1 to ON in the back of the module to access this feature.

You still get CV control of the Transport controls when a CV jack is plugged in when the Transport LED is RED. Each transport CV can be assigned to either Transport or Feedback ON/OFF.


In normal use, the 4 FEEDBACK ON/OFF buttons also act as Transport controls (Infinite, Forward/Reverse, Restart, and Pause) when you press the TRANSPORT button to use these functions. When you set DIP switch #1 on the back of the module to ON, the 4 TRANSPORT CV jacks can be used to toggle the FEEDBACK buttons on and off. You just need to connect a jack into the desired Transport CV jack(s) when the TRANSPORT button LED is OFF (not lit RED) that corresponds to the FEEDBACK button you would like to control.


The Transport CV jacks are intended to provide control of the Transport functions at all times regardless of the TRANSPORT button state since the jacks are only labeled for these functions and do not mention Feedback On/Off control.

We allow access of Feedback On/Off control via the Transport CV jacks only when the S1 switch is toggled to ON as a way to mitigate confusion when controlling this unlabeled function since it forces the user to consciously change this DIP switch setting to use this feature.