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How do I use the Morph feature on NightSky?

The Morph function allows NightSky to sweep between the current sound of the pedal and a set of alternate knob settings and back.

  • In reverb mode, press and hold the ON footswitch to sweep the knobs to the morph settings.
  • Release the ON footswitch to return back to the current parameter settings of the pedal.

Setting Up Morph Parameters

  1. Press and hold PRESET BUTTONS 2 & 7 together to enter Morph setup mode.
  2. Adjust the knobs to the desired Morph setting.
  3. Press any PRESET BUTTON  to exit Morph setup mode.
  4. Morph Speed sets the amount of time it takes to arrive at the Morph setting.  Press and hold the ON footswitch and turn the REVERB knob to adjust the Morph Speed.
  5. Adjust the knobs back to the desired sound.
  6. Press and hold the ON footswitch to sweep between the current setting and the Morph setting.  Release the ON footswitch to return to the current setting of the pedal.

NOTE: Morph parameter settings are saved independently per preset.