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How do I use the Phrase Sampler on Magneto?

When set to SAMPLE mode (RED MODE LED), Magneto can be used as a Phrase sampler with up to 2 minutes of recording time dependent on the tape speed.*  Tape head 4 is the sample playback head while tape heads 1-3 provide delay repeats for the incoming signal.**

To use the Phrase sampler:

  • Press the TAP button once to start sample recording.
  • Press the TAP button once again at the end of the sample to stop recording.
  • Trigger the sample playback with the RESTART (symbol) transport button or RESTART CV input.
  • Press the TAP button a third time to clear the sample memory.

Triggering the Recorded Sample

You can trigger the playback of the recorded sample by pressing the RESTART button or sending a gate CV to the RESTART CV input.

To play back the sample with an external keyboard/controller, connect it’s gate CV out to Magneto’s RESTART CV input, and the CV out to Magneto’s SPEED CV input.

You can use the SPEED/PITCH knob to play the sample back at different pitches/speeds for a 3 octave range.  The SPEED CV input is calibrated for 1V/octave over a range of -3V to +3V.  When voltage is supplied to the SPEED CV input, the SPEED/PITCH knob still influences the the resultant speed/pitch, and the incoming CV is added to the knob position.  Zero volts at the SPEED CV input will not cause the speed/pitch to deviate from the knob position value. The SPEED/ PITCH knob’s effective voltage is 0V at minimum, and +3V at maximum. The SPEED CV input adds to this effective voltage, being limited at the top end to +3V (fastest speed/highest pitch), and limited to -3V at the bottom end. By using the SPEED CV input, you can achieve a six octave range, allowing you to go three octaves lower than would be possible using the SPEED/PITCH knob alone without any incoming CV.

* Maximum sample length is 15 seconds at max SPEED and 2 minutes at min SPEED.  Note that slowing down the tape speed results in lower fidelity audio samples.

**In SAMPLE mode, delay times and feedback settings for HEADs 1, 2 and 3 are determined by the delay time and FEEDBACK button setting Magneto was set to BEFORE entering SAMPLE mode with the MODES button. Head 4 is the sample playback head.