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How do I use the Sound-on-Sound looper on Magneto?

When set to LOOP mode (AMBER MODE LED), Magneto can be used as a Sound-on-Sound tape looper with up to 2 minutes of recording time dependent on the tape speed.*  Tape head 4 is the looper playback head while tape heads 1-3 provide delay repeats for the incoming signal.**

To use the Sound-on-Sound looper:

  • Ensure that the FEEDBACK ON/OFF button for Playback Head 4 is ON and the Playback Head 4 knob is turned up to hear the recorded loop playback.
  • Press the TAP button once to Splice In (loop start).
  • Press the TAP button once again at the desired end of the loop to Splice Out.
    • The recorded loop will now play back.
    • The REPEATS knob controls the regeneration strength of the recorded loop.
    • Set lower REPEATS level for loops that evolve over time.
  • Press the TAP button a third time to clear the loop stopping the playback of the initial recorded loop.

* Maximum loop length is 15 seconds at max SPEED and 2 minutes at min SPEED. Note that slowing down the tape speed results in lower fidelity audio loops.

**In LOOP mode, delay times and feedback settings for HEADs 1, 2 and 3 are determined by the delay time and FEEDBACK button setting Magneto was set to BEFORE entering LOOP mode with the MODES button. Head 4 is the looper playback head.