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How do the dual delays in the Dig work?

DIG features two true-stereo delays that allow for many creative, rhythmic and ambient delay effects. Delay 2 is a synchronous subdivision of Delay 1 by default out of the box and can be set to run ‘free’ if desired. They can be combined in three different configurations:

  • Series – Delay 2 (the rhythmic sub-delay) feeds Delay 1. It is like putting two single delay pedals in succession.
  • Parallel – The delays do not interact with each other, but produce their outputs ‘side-by-side’ as shown.
    • When using both stereo outputs, Delay 1 outputs to the left channel, and Delay 2 outputs to the right channel. When the right output is not used, the wet signal sums to mono so that both parallel delays are heard from the left output.
  • Ping Pong – The delays are configured in a series ‘ping-pong’ configuration. When using a mono output signal, this configuration is the same as the Series configuration. When using both outputs for stereo, each delay acts as a ping-pong delay to bounce between the left and right outputs, and they interact when both Mix knobs are turned up.