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How do you connect to Iridium?

Connecting to Iridium’s Input

Iridium has a single input that will work with MONO or STEREO TRS input signals depending on the setting of the Input Selector switch on the back of the pedal.  The input impedance is 1 Meg Ohm.

Iridium can accept Instrument (-10dB) or Line Level (+4dB) signals up to +8dBu.  If using Line Level signals, please make sure to set the INPUT LEVEL to LINE.

***NOTE:  Never connect the speaker output from an amplifier into Iridium!!!***

  • To set the INPUT LEVEL on Iridium:
    • Press and hold the FAV footswitch while connecting power to Iridium until both LEDs start blinking.
    • Release the footswitch and use the DRIVE knob to select the INPUT LEVEL.  The status will be shown on the FAV LED:
      • Instrument Level  = GREEN
      • Line Level = RED


Connecting from Iridium’s Outputs

Iridium is an amp modeler and IR cab processor that can be used in a variety of ways. With both the amp and IR cab processing active, it is designed for:

  • Recording direct to an audio interface
  • Connecting to a PA/mixer or powered full range/flat response speakers

It is not really recommended to be placed in front of an amplifier, but if you disable the IR Cab in Cab Bypass mode, you can connect Iridium’s output(s) into the Power Amp Input/Effects Return of an amplifier to use as the preamp for your amplifier.

Using a DI Box

Iridium’s LEFT and RIGHT audio outputs are 1/4″ unbalanced buffered outputs.  The buffered signal when both engaged or bypassed can handle sending signals over long cable runs. However, in some setups, using a DI may help if you encounter any noise or ground loops when connecting Iridium’s outputs directly to a PA/mixer or require balanced connections. 


Using Amp or Cab Bypass Modes

Iridium gives you the option to bypass either the amp modeling or the IR cab processing for different use cases.  The ROOM processing is always active in any of these output modes.

  • Amp Bypass mode can be used to send a preamp signal such as from a dedicated preamp or the effects send from your amplifier (or a line level signal from your amplifier first passing through a load box, then, into Iridium) to use with the IR cab processing.
  • Cab Bypass mode can be used to send Iridium’s amp modeling signal to use as a preamp into the effects return/power amp input of your amplifier or into another speaker cab processing device.

To bypass either the amp or IR cabinet:

  • Press and hold the ON footswitch at power-up to enter this mode. 
  • Turn the DRIVE knob to select the output mode.  The status is shown by the color of the FAV LED.
    • Amp+Cab both ON (default) – RED LED
    • Amp Bypass – GREEN LED
      • Amp bypass is used for when you would like to disable the amp modeling on Iridium, or would like to use another preamp in front of the pedal.
    • Cab Bypass – AMBER LED
      • Cab bypass is used when when you would only like to utilize the amp modeling from Iridium without the IR speaker cabinet.
  • Note: During normal operation, the ON LED will take on the color of the selected mode when lit.

    • RED (default) LED for normal mode (both Amp and Cab processing active)
    • GREEN LED for Amp Bypass mode
    • AMBER LED for Cab Bypass mode