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How do you connect to Zelzah?

Connecting to Zelzah’s Input

Zelzah has a single input that will work with MONO or STEREO TRS input signals depending on the setting of the Input Selector switch on the back of the pedal.  The input impedance is 1 Meg Ohm.

Zelzah can accept Instrument (-10dB) or Line Level (+4dB) signals up to +8dBu.  If using Line Level signals, please make sure to set the INPUT LEVEL to LINE (power up mode).

***NOTE:  Never connect the speaker output from an amplifier into Zelzah!!!***

  • To set the INPUT LEVEL on Zelzah:
    • Press and hold the ON (6-STAGE) footswitch while connecting power to Zelzah until both LEDs start blinking.
    • Release the footswitch and turn the SPEED (4-STAGE) knob to select the INPUT LEVEL.  The status will be shown on the FAV LED:
      • Instrument Level: GREEN (default) – Input headroom set for guitar level.
      • Line Level: RED – Use with line level source such as a keyboard or synthesizer.  Adds 10dB of headroom.


Connecting to Zelzah’s Outputs

Zelzah can be set to output in mono or stereo at unity with the input level signal.  Use OUT L for mono output connections.  When the right output is connected for stereo connections, the bypass mode is automatically set to buffered bypass.  The output impedance is 100 Ohm.