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How does Brig’s onboard tap tempo work?

Brig features an onboard tap tempo function, despite having only a single footswitch.

  • Press and hold the Brig footswitch for 1 second to enter/exit Onboard Tap
    Mode. The LED will flash RED and BLUE to indicate the tempo.
  • Tap Quarter notes to set the delay time which is calculated with every two taps of the footswitch while in Onboard Tap Mode.
  • The maximum tap range is 2 seconds.


To set the TAP DIVISION for both external and Onboard Tap modes:

  • While in Onboard Tap mode, turn the TIME knob to the following positions to set the TAP DIVISION:

    • Minimum = Triplets
    • 10 o’clock = Eighth Notes
    • 1 o’clock = dotted Eighth Notes
    • Maximum = Quarter Notes (default)