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How does the SPEED switch work on Volante?

Volante’s SPEED switch controls the recording and playback speed of the recording medium which affects the fidelity and mechanical response of the selected TYPE.

  • Slower speeds yields lower fidelity delays and looper recordings.
    • At slower speeds, the sound of the delays is more susceptible to irregularities generated by a higher MECHANICS setting.
  • Faster speeds provides higher fidelity delays and looper recordings.
  • Volante offers a true varispeed system with pitch effects as the SPEED switch is toggled faster (higher pitch) or slower (lower pitch).
  • Changing the SPEED will also result in a proportional change to the delay time range of the TIME knob:
    • half: 400ms – 4s
    • normal: 200ms – 2s
    • double: 100ms – 1s
  • The maximum recording time for the Sound-on-Sound looper is also affected by the SPEED.
    • half – 64 seconds
    • normal – 32 seconds
    • double – 16 seconds