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How can I mount Ojai to a PedalTrain Nano or Metro?

Top Mounting:

Ojai is compact and lightweight, and can be mounted to the top of a PedalTrain Nano or Metro without compromising much pedal space.

Bottom Mounting:

To mount Ojai under a PedalTrain Nano or Metro, the board will need to be lifted up a few millimeters to allow Ojai to fit.

We have found that Heyco part #C-2008 fits below the PedalTrain Nano and Metro foot and provides a sufficient height increase to fit Ojai underneath when mounted with VELCRO®. The included 24V power adapter may also be mounted in the same fashion.***Please note that this part is not compatible with newer Pedaltrain Nano or Metro boards built in 2017 and newer.***

You will need 4 of the Heyco C-2008 parts, which can be purchased inexpensively at Mouser. Insert the part on the bottom of each PedalTrain foot. You may choose to affix the part using Super Glue or E6000 permanent adhesive.

Once installed, these parts provide enough clearance for Ojai using VELCRO® only. It does not provide enough height increase to use with Dual Lock™.

 Ojai Nano lift kit Ojai Nano lift kit

You may also find a rubber foot, plastic insert, or furniture foot at your local hardware store that can serve the same purpose of providing a height increase.

Be sure to clean the mounting surfaces with rubbing alcohol to ensure the VELCRO® has a good bond.