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How do I perform a factory reset on NightSky?

A factory reset will reset all custom presets, power up functions, and secondary parameters back to factory settings.

  • To perform the Factory Reset:
    • Before powering up,  press and hold the ON footswitch, then, plug in the power to the pedal.
    • After a few seconds, PRESET BUTTONS 1-4 will be lit AMBER and PRESET BUTTONS 5-8 will be lit GREEN.  The ON footswitch will be blinking RED.  You can release the footswitch.
  • While in this state:
    • Sweep the DECAY knob from 0% to 100% twice.
    • Status shown on FAVORITE LED with it lighting up at the 0% (AMBER) and 100% (RED) extremes.
    • When the reset is initiated, all 3 footswitch LEDs will be blinking RED.
    • When the footswitches stop blinking, the pedal will power cycle and start up as normal.