How to set the DRY SIGNAL mode on Cloudburst?

On cloudburst, the Dry Signal can be set in one of three different ways:

  • By default, the Dry Signal mode on cloudburst is set to Digital mode which uses a converted dry signal and allows the MIX knob to dial out the dry signal when turned past the 3 o’clock position.
  • Analog mode keeps the dry signal in analog where the MIX knob acts as a level control for the reverb effect and no longer dials out the dry signal when turned past the 3 o’clock position.
  • Kill Dry mode mutes the analog dry path signal, allowing the MIX knob to strictly control the “wet” effect output level.  This setting is recommended if using cloudburst within an amplifier’s parallel effects loop or a mixer’s aux or effects send.

To set the Dry Signal mode on cloudburst:

  1. Press and hold the footswitch for at least 2 seconds while connecting power to cloudburst.  Once the LED flashes, release the footswitch.
  2. Turn the TONE knob to select one of the three DRY SIGNAL options.  The LED will change color to indicate the current status as you turn the knob.
    1. Digital Mode:  GREEN (default setting, minimum)
    2. Analog Mode:  RED (12 o’clock)
    3. Kill Dry Mode:  BLUE (maximum)
  3. Press the footswitch to store the Dry Signal setting and begin using cloudburst.