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How to Sync the NightSky Sequencer to MIDI Clock

On NightSky, you can synchronize the sequencer’s playback tempo to MIDI clock that is received from any of the MIDI inputs:

  • 5-PIN DIN MIDI IN port
  • 1/4″ TRS MIDI IN at the EXP jack set to MIDI mode
  • USB input

To set NightSky to respond to MIDI clock:

  • Press and hold down PRESET BUTTONS 1 and 4.
  • While holding down the buttons, turn the SPEED knob to adjust whether the NightSky sequencer will respond to MIDI clock; the status is shown on the ON LED:
    • Off (Turn LEFT) = RED LED (default)
    • On (Turn RIGHT) = GREEN LED

If NightSky is in Sequence mode and is responding to MIDI Clock, the sequence will run as soon as you tap the FAVORITE footswitch.

Additional Tips

  • NightSky’s response MIDI Clock can be saved independently per preset.  Make sure to set this parameter to ON and save each preset you would like the sequencer to respond to MIDI Clock.
  • No other parameters respond to MIDI Clock on NightSky.