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How to use the delay on StarLab

StarLab features a delay section that can provide digital echo and pre-delay for the reverb section.

Delay Mode

ECHO ON determines the delay behavior.

  • ECHO ON enabled will bus the delay output to the WET output to mix with the reverb signal.
  • ECHO ON bypassed will provide pre-delay for the reverberated signal.

DELAY/TUNE applies delay or pre-delay from 0-1.5 seconds max.  This control is logarithmic taper for finer resolution at lower DELAY/TUNE settings.

TAP/TRIG can be used to set the delay time by tapping in a tempo.  Delay time is calculated with two taps of the button.

  • TAP/TRIG CV sets the delay time with clock CV input.
    • CV Range: Rising edge triggered
    • When TAP/TRIG CV is detected, the DELAY/TUNE knob acts as a clock divider/multiplier with the following ratios (min to max):
      • 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 1/1, 3/2, 5/3, 7/4, 2/1, 5/2
      • The maximum delay time is 7.5 seconds and can be achieved by sending the TAP/TRIG CV a 3 second clock signal and setting DELAY/TUNE to maximum with a 5/2 multiplier.

FEEDBACK will apply regeneration to the delay, resulting in more repeats with longer delays, or more resonance with shorter delays.  This works independent of the ECHO ON state and will apply to both delay and pre-delay signals.

  • FEEDBACK CV modifies the FEEDBACK level.  The FEEDBACK knob acts as an offset.
    • CV Range: +/-5V

Usage Tips

  • For a traditional pre-delay effect, keep ECHO ON bypassed and turn FEEDBACK to minimum.  The DELAY/TUNE knob will set the pre-delay time.
  • For ‘delay only’ without any reverb effect at the WET output, set DECAY to minimum with DELAY ON enabled.