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I can’t find the Deco Plug-In within my DAW

If you can’t find your Deco plug-in in your DAW, you might need to have your DAW rescan for plug-ins.


Pro Tools:

  • Close Pro Tools.
  • Verify that the plug-in is installed in the correct location. Pro Tools comes with its own Plugins folder that must be used as the location for the plug-in.
  • Re-open Pro Tools. The DAW will automatically scan for new plug-ins at start up.



  • Open the Logic Pro drop down menu from the top left of the DAW.
  • Select Preferences from the drop down options.
  • Under the Preferences drop down, select Plug-in Manager.
  • In the Plug-in Manager, select Strymon from the Manufacturer list on the left.
  • Once the Strymon folder is open, select Deco from the list.
  • Press the Reset & Rescan Selection button.
  • If still having trouble, you can also try enabling Deco manually by using this pathway: Logic Pro/Settings -> Plug In Manager-> Strymon -> use.
  • If you are still having an issue here are Apple’s steps for finding missing plug-ins:



  • Open the Ableton Live Preferences
    • Mac – Open the Live drop down menu from the top left of the DAW to select Preferences.
    • Windows – Open the Options drop down menu from the top left of the DAW to select Preferences.
  • In Preferences, select the Plug-Ins tab.
  • To use VST3 plug-ins on Mac and Windows computers, make sure VST3 Plug-in Systems Folders is ON.
  • Press the Rescan option next to Rescan Plug-ins