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Why is there no Mix control on Lex Rotary?

We know that there are some out there that want to emulate David Gilmour’s unique Leslie sound, in which he ran his signal to both a rotary speaker and a regular guitar amp. You might be wondering why we did not add a Mix control to our Lex Rotary pedal. Wouldn’t this allow you to achieve the sound David achieved with his setup? Actually, the answer is no.

The problem is that there’s a big difference between running two physical amps (one dry and one ‘Leslie’d’) versus blending a dry signal with a Leslie signal electronically and running the summed signal through one amp. The electronically summed signal will have interferences that don’t happen with two physical amps.

A simple example is to send the same signal to two amps, but one is out of phase with the other. It may sound funny and make you feel dizzy, but you will still certainly hear something. If you combine two out-of-phase signal electronically and send it to one amplifier—you will hear nothing at all! So we don’t feel a wet/dry Mix or blend control would lead to a satisfying experience in this case. You’re actually better off with two separate amps and a Y-cable if you’d like to achieve this sound.