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Saving and Recalling Presets on Volante

There are 300 total presets locations available on Volante.  The first 8 presets on the pedal are available on-board and are repeated in order to fill in the 300 preset locations.  The presets are made up of all the knob, button, toggle switch, and Live Edit functions which can all be saved independently per preset.

MIDI messages can be sent to Volante via the 5-pin DIN MIDI IN port, the 1/4″ EXP jack set to operate in PRESET/SPEED/TRANSPORT mode, or via the USB-mini port all on the back of the pedal.

To save a preset without MIDI:

  1. Dial in the sound you would like to save.

  2. Press and hold the FAVORITE footswitch until the LED blinks blue.

  3. Press one of the 8 playback/feedback buttons to store to that preset location.
    1. playback 1-4 = Presets 1-4 (MIDI Program Change #’s 0-3)
    2. feedback 1-4 = Presets 5-8 (MIDI Program Change #’s 4-7)

To save a preset using MIDI:

  1. Dial in the sound you would like to save.

  2. Press and hold the FAVORITE footswitch until the LED blinks blue.

  3. Send a MIDI Program Change message from your MIDI Controller  to the Volante and the preset will store to the corresponding preset location of the MIDI Program Change it received.


To recall one of the 8 on-board presets:

  1. Press and hold the FAVORITE footswitch for half a second until the the playback/feedback buttons go dark with 1 of them lighting up red.  The red button indicates the currently selected on-board Favorite preset.
  2. While still holding the FAVORITE footswitch (and before the FAVORITE LED blinks blue), press one of the 8 playback/feedback buttons to select a new on-board Favorite.
  3. Release FAVORITE.
  4. Now you can toggle between the manual setting dialed on the pedal and the saved Favorite preset by pressing the FAVORITE footswitch.  The FAVORITE LED will light up GREEN to indicate one of the 8 on-board presets has been selected.

To recall a preset using MIDI Program Change messages

  • For accessing one of the first 128 presets on the pedal, just send MIDI Program Change #’s 0-127.
    • When a preset after the first 8 on-board presets (MIDI Program Change # 8 or higher) is recalled via MIDI, the FAVORITE footswitch will light up AMBER.
    • Preset 1 = MIDI Program Change # 0
    • Some MIDI devices can only send MIDI Program Change 1-128 which will still corresponds and operates like MIDI Program Change 0-127 would on other MIDI controllers.

Additional Info for Accessing all 300 Presets

Volante contains 300 preset locations, numbered sequentially from 0-299. Because MIDI Program Change messages have a maximum number of 128 (0-127) the presets are grouped into three MIDI patch banks.


– MIDI BANK 1 = PRESETS 128-255

– MIDI BANK 2 = PRESETS 256-299

Volante always powers up in MIDI Patch Bank 0, so if you plan to stay within the first 127 presets, simply send a standard MIDI Program Change message to load a preset.

If you will be using MIDI Banks 1 and/or 2, it is advisable to send a standard MIDI Bank Change message (MIDI CC# 0 with a value equal to the MIDI Bank#) before each MIDI Program Change.  For example:

  • To access a preset in MIDI Patch Bank 1
    • Send MIDI CC# 0 with a value of 1, then send the MIDI Program Change # for the preset you would like to recall in that MIDI patch bank.

Lastly, selecting bank 0, patch 127 will put Volante into Manual mode. In this mode, the pedal will be set to the current knob and switch settings. No preset data can be stored at this preset location.