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TimeLine Firmware Update Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having problems updating your TimeLine these tips should help you get going.

If your update is failing check the following:

Ensure your MIDI cables are connected properly – When connecting two devices via MIDI you typically want to connect the MIDI OUT from one device to the MIDI IN on the other.  Some MIDI interfaces label their cables in the opposite manner with “TO MIDI IN” and TO MIDI OUT”. So in this case connect the “TO MIDI IN” to the MIDI IN of your TimeLine and the “TO MIDI OUT” to the MIDI OUT of your Timeline.

Use a dedicated MIDI interface – Many times firmware updates via MIDI won’t play nice with devices that are not dedicated MIDI devices. We recommend performing your MIDI updates using a dedicated MIDI to USB interface. The Roland UM-ONE, Yamaha UX-16, and iConnectivity Mio devices are just some that work very well. You may run into problems trying to update through your MIDI jacks on something like an audio interface or keyboard. This is one of the most popular causes of a MIDI update failure.

Download the latest drivers from the manufacturer of your MIDI interface – Try not to use class compliant (plug and play) drivers. These types of device drivers are typically not robust enough to handle even a small firmware update via MIDI. Whenever possible, download the latest and greatest device drivers directly from your MIDI interface’s manufacturer website.