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Can I use Nixie without a Strymon Pedal connected to the software?

If you do not have a Strymon pedal, or if you simply want to explore Strymon pedals that are not currently connected to Nixie, you can use Offline Devices create and edit new presets or preset collections.  

NOTE: An Offline Device allows you to explore the presets and settings of Strymon pedals that are not connected to the software, however, they DO NOT generate audio.  To audition the sound you dial in with Nixie, you must have a Strymon pedal connected and use the audio INPUTS and OUTPUTS as you normally would to hear the changes you make to the pedals.

To create an offline Mobius, TimeLine, or BigSky:

  • Go to Device >> Offline Devices, and select Offline TimeLine, Offline Mobius, or Offline BigSky.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts for creating offline devices in Nixie:

  • Ctrl/Cmd+B – Offline Bigsky
  • Ctrl/Cmd+M – Offline Mobius
  • Ctrl/Cmd+T – Offline TimeLine

Offline DeviceWhen you create an Offline device, this will be noted in the Device Details window in the Nixie software.  Also, as there is no Strymon hardware when using an Offline device, there is no WRITE button to save the settings to hardware.

You can use the SAVE button to save the presets of this Offline device as a new Preset Collection on the left side of the software.

You can also save individual presets to a collection by dragging them from the Preset Table on the right to the Preset Collections window on the left.