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What are the differences between Cloudburst and the BigSky Cloud algorithm?

Cloudburst is an expanded version of the Cloud reverb algorithm found in our BigSky effect pedal and plug-in.  There are a few differences between the two:

  • Relative to the original Cloud algorithm, the short DECAY times on Cloudburst have been greatly expanded and refactored to extend the versatility of the reverb. These changes provide much shorter DECAY times to simulate smaller spaces, so along with the vast ambient DECAY characteristics of the original BigSky Cloud you also get great small and mid-size reverbs on Cloudburst.
  • A new ENSEMBLE feature was added to Cloudburst, which generates a harmonically rich pad or soundscape reminiscent of an orchestral string section. ENSEMBLE is unique in that it follows your playing, so if you use a different pickup or play in a different part of the neck it will sound different.
  • BigSky Cloud has LOW END and DIFFUSION parameters that are not adjustable in Cloudburst. These parameters are automatically adjusted “under the hood” and are determined by the position of Cloudburst’s DECAY knob, and we chose settings that we felt would create the best user experience.