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What is Strymon Nixie?

Strymon Nixie is a software preset editor and librarian that is designed to make it easy for you to adjust the settings of your presets and organize them on your computer.  The program consists of:

  • A Device Editor with an on-screen GUI (graphical user interface) providing visuals of your Strymon pedal(s) and all the effect parameters for you to adjust and manipulate.
  • Preset Collections window on the left listing your own custom collections or groups of presets.
    • Use Ctrl/Cmd+1 to toggle the Preset Collections window on/off.
  • Device Details window on the right with information on your connected pedal(s) including a Preset Table listing the presets in the memory banks of your pedal, and a Device History window that can be used to revert to previous changes you made in the software.
    • Use Ctrl/Cmd+2 to toggle the Device Details window on/off.

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