What is required to use Magneto?

Magneto comes as a 3u eurorack module without a case or a power supply.  We recommend mounting Magneto in a eurorack case that has at least 28hp of space and using a power supply that can provide 210mA at +12V, 210mA at -12V, and 0mA at 5V.

We also recommend using a sound source that can feed synth level signals (minimum +4dBu and higher) into Magneto’s inputs to best experience the sounds and features of this module.  We offer the AA.1 Attenuator/Amplifier module which can be used for amplifying guitar and other instrument level signals to work with Magneto, or attenuate the synth level signals from Magneto to be fed into your instrument/line level devices such as effect pedals, amplifiers, or audio interfaces.