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What is Zelzah?

Zelzah is a dual modulation pedal with two independent stereo phaser effects that can be configured in series with the 6-Stage phaser feeding into the 4-Stage phaser, parallel with both phasers mixed together, or split mode which routes each phaser to its own output when used in stereo.  Each side can be used independently or combined in a variety of configurations

The 4-Stage phaser can provide phaser and vibrato sounds with 3 different sweeps: a classic rising and falling LFO, a barber pole sweep which provides a constantly rising or falling LFO, or you can controlled the sweep of the effect with the input dynamics using the envelope setting.

The versatile 6-Stage phaser has the ability to provide phasing along with flanging and chorus sounds with the turn of the VOICE knob.

Zelzah can be controlled externally via the EXP/MIDI jack using an expression pedal for continuous control over any of the knobs, a Strymon MiniSwitch for access to a single preset or tap tempo control of the 6-Stage phaser, and MIDI control to provide access to and control of the 300 available presets.