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What type of signals work with Magneto’s CV inputs?

The following inputs are designed to receive continuous CV input of -5V to +5V.:

  • SPEED – Controls the tape speed. (-3V to +3V, calibrated for 1V/octave)
  • WET – Modifies the WET level.
  • REPEATS – Modifies the REPEATS level.
  • SPRING – Modifies the SPRING reverb level.

NOTE: The knob corresponding to the continuous CV inputs acts as an offset that is mixed with the CV input.

The following inputs are designed to receive 0-5V rising edge trigger CV input.

  • CLK IN – Sets the delay time in quarter notes.  Clock period range: 50ms to 15s.
  • REC GATE – Toggles the record head on and off.  REC LVL LED is lit blue when input signal to the delay line is muted.
  • SHIFT – Toggles the SHIFT effect for the Playback heads on and off.
  • INFINITE (∞) – Toggles the INFINITE transport control on and off.
  • FORWARD/REVERSE – Toggles the FORWARD/REVERSE transport function.
  • RESTART – Engages the RESTART transport function.
  • PAUSE – Toggles the PAUSE transport function.
  • TAP – Controls the function of the physical TAP button.  Sets delay time in ECHO mode.  Sets splice in/out/clear in LOOP mode. Sets sample record start/stop/clear in SAMPLE mode.