Where can I activate the Deco Plug-in License?

Once you authorized the Deco Plug-In (full and trial versions) to your iLok account, the Deco Plug-In license will appear in your account under your username.  From here, the Deco Plug-In license can be activated to either your computer, an iLok key, or to an open cloud session for your iLok account.

Please note:

  • An iLok USB key is NOT REQUIRED to authorize and use Deco Plug-In.
  • Only 1 iLok cloud session can be used at a time per iLok account.  If a second system is logged in to an iLok Cloud Session on the same account, the first system will be logged out.

Activating to iLok USB Key or iLok Cloud Session

  • To activate to an iLok USB key, it must be connected to the computer running the iLok License Manager software.
  • To activate to an iLok Cloud Session, you must first select Open a Cloud Session from the File menu of iLok License Manager software after you have logged into your account in that application.

To Activate the license to a location:

  • Click on your iLok username at the top left of the application to view your licenses.
  • Right-click on the Deco Plug-in license (full or trial versions) and select Activate.
  • Select either your computeriLok USB key, or your iLok Cloud Session from the pop-up window to activate the license to that location.
  • You can now open your DAW/recording program to begin using the Deco Plug-In