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Which Tap Divisions are available for the TimeLine and Mobius?

By default from the factory, the TimeLine and Mobius are set to work with Quarter note taps of the Tap switch to set your effect Time or Speed.

You can change the Tap Division of each preset on these pedals by changing the TAPDIV parameter in the PARAMS* menu of the pedal to the following options:

WHOLE – Whole note (Mobius only)

HALF – Half note (Mobius only)

QRTR – Quarter note

dotted – dotted 8th note

8Th – 8th note

TRPLET – 8th note triplets

16Th – 16th note

Once you have selected your new Tap Division for your preset, make sure to save the preset with this new setting.

*Press the Value encoder button momentarily to access the PARAMS menu.