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How does Wide Stereo mode work on Deco?

Wide Stereo Mode generates a wide stereo image. To engage this mode, press and hold both footswitches, while turning the Wobble knob. Turn past 12:00 to turn Wide Stereo Mode ON. Turn to the left of 12:00 to turn OFF. Below are more details on each setting:

Wide Stereo Mode – OFF

This is the standard configuration from the factory. You get a true stereo dual-deck configuration.

With Sum and Invert modes, each output channel contains a Reference Deck and a delayed Lag Deck and full stereo independence is maintained throughout.

In Bounce mode, the delayed right Lag Deck feeds the left Reference Deck to produce a stereo image when you connect both left and right outputs, even with a mono input. If connecting only the left mono output, an additional repeat will be heard on the left output.

Wide Stereo Mode– ON

If the input is stereo, it is summed to mono. The input is then sent to the left output channel through the Reference Deck, and to the right output channel via the delayed Lag Deck to create an adjustable stereo spread.

The Blend control acts as a Pan control by adjusting the relative levels of the decks.

Wide Stereo Mode is automatically disabled if the right output is removed.