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Will Conduit work with my TRS MIDI pedal?

Conduit has 4 different configurations that can be used to work with just about any 1/4” MIDI pedal.

Press the SET button at any time to show the configuration state of all 1/4” TRS jacks:

  • GREEN = Tip Send (bi-directional)
    • Conduit sends MIDI at the TIP and receives at the RING.
    • This is the default setting for all jacks and is what is used to connect to Strymon pedals.
    • Compatible with: Red Panda, Bondi Effects, Alexander Pedals, and Empress Effects
  • RED = Ring Send (bi-directional)
    • Conduit sends MIDI at the RING and receives at the TIP.
    • Compatible with: Chase Bliss
  • AMBER = Tip and Ring Send (MIDI OUT only)
    • Conduit sends MIDI at both the TIP and the RING.
    • This configuration can be used to connect two pedals to a single 1/4” TRS jack requiring TIP SEND MIDI communication using a TRS Y-cable adapter.

  • PURPLE = TRS Type A (MIDI OUT only)
    • Conduit sends MIDI OUT only with the RING as the current source and TIP as the current sink.
    • Compatible with: Boss 200 series, Jackson Audio, Swindler Effects, Cooper FX, Neunaber Audio

If you are unsure as to how your 1/4″ MIDI pedal receives incoming MIDI data, please refer to the user manual of the pedal for more information.