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Impulse Responses

Unprecedented IR Technology.

Iridium provides full stereo 24bit 96kHz resolution for the entire 500 milliseconds of its impulse responses, delivering a level of speaker cabinet realism unprecedented in outboard effects. Learn more about Iridium.

Load Your Own IRs.

Iridium comes pre-loaded with a carefully curated collection of premium cabinet IRs from OwnHammer, Celestion, cabIR and ValhallaIR. You can also load your own IRs using Strymon Impulse Manager software.

More Impulse Responses From Our Partners

Explore Ownhammer impulse responses:

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Explore Valhallir impulse responses:
Explore cabIR impulse responses:

Special Offer From Valhallir

Provide proof of Iridium purchase to Valhallir and receive one of their V2-cab packs for free! Contact Valhallir for details.