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Iridium at Home

At Home.

You can’t always crank up an amplifier when you want to play in your living room or rehearse at home. Plug your favorite set of headphones into Iridium’s headphone jack and get immersed in the sounds of iconic amps and cabs in a natural sounding room.

Your Pedalboard.

Integrate Iridium into your pedalboard by placing it at the end of your chain, and experience all your pedalboard tones directly in your headphones. Great for setting up and auditioning your pedal settings any time of the day or night, and perfect for enjoying your sounds once you have everything dialed in.

Happy Neighbors.

Small practice amps may be quiet enough to keep the neighbors happy, but truly inspiring sounds come from cranked up tube combos and tube amp heads atop stacked speaker cabinets. Using headphones with Iridium puts you in that room with that cranked up amp and cab, providing inspiring tones that will keep you playing for hours. And your neighbors will never know.

Practice Anytime.

Strymon Iridium amp & IR cab in studio
It’s 3am and everyone’s asleep–except for you, because you’re awake with a musical idea that needs to come out. Plug some headphones into Iridium and work on your music whenever inspiration strikes. Connect Iridium’s stereo outputs to your recording interface and record your idea before it can slip away! Keep Iridium set up where you’ll play the most, and enjoy exceptional guitar tone anytime.

Get Inspired.

Different amplifiers and speaker cabinets reveal different aspects of your guitar’s character. From the pickups, to the wood’s resonance, to your picking attack, hearing all those elements through different tube amp and cab combinations can be really inspiring. Each amp and cabinet reacts differently, causing you to enjoy playing in new and different ways. Any way you slice it, stellar tone makes you want to play more, and that’s what Iridium is made for.

Get Immersed.

Strymon Iridium amp & cab IR close up
Iridium features true studio grade sound quality, and rewards using the highest quality headphones you can get your hands on. Iridium’s headphone amplifier is designed for use with relatively high impedance headphones (between 25 to 70 ohms), and has a LEVEL TRIM that can further boost the output level when using even higher impedance headphones. Studio quality headphones will reveal every nuance of Iridium’s stunningly realistic amps, cabinets, and rooms, effectively placing you in a great sounding room with the amp and cabinet of your choice.

Record Iconic Tones.

Strymon Iridium amp & IR cab in studio

Iridium provides gorgeous, iconic amp tones, stunningly realistic stereo cabinet impulse responses, and natural room ambience—everything you need for the best possible recorded guitar tone. Never worry about microphones picking up unwanted noise, or about having to crank up your amp to its tonal sweet spot when recording at home. With Iridium, you can have the same premium tones at home, in the studio, and on stage.

Where Can I Use Iridium?

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