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Playing Live with Iridium

Iridium On Stage.

Want to play live with the exact same tones that you use at home or in the studio? Or have access to multiple amp and cab setups without having to lug them on stage? Leave your amps at home, and connect Iridium directly to the house PA system.

Go Direct.

Going direct eliminates the need to mic an amp, giving sound engineers the option to send your amp and cab tone directly to a wedge or in-ear monitors. Instant adjustments to your tone are right there on your pedalboard, only a footswitch away. With Iridium, there are no menus to wade through—just familiar, responsive amp-style controls for instant, easy adjustment.

Backup for your Backline.

Planning to play through the venue’s amp but want a fantastic sounding and dependable backup that fits in your backpack? Iridium has you covered. Bringing your favorite tube amp plus a backup amp? Throw Iridium in your bag, leave the backup amp at home, and rest assured that you will have great tube amp tone no matter what.

Any Venue.

Strymon Iridium amp & IR cab on stage

Want to make sure you have the same great tone no matter where your tour takes you? With Iridium on your pedalboard, you’ll always have your signature tone no matter where you play. Iridium effortlessly gets your ideal guitar sound into PA and monitoring systems of any size, from club to stadium. Iridium on your pedalboard ensures that you’ll have the same perfectly dialed in tone in any size of venue.

Less Hassle.

Does your favorite guitar tone come from an amp that you would really rather not carry too far, or up very many steps? Tired of your live tone depending on the miking technique of the house sound engineer? Walk into the gig with your guitar case in one hand and your pedalboard in the other, and let Iridium deliver premium tube amp and cabinet tone with no hassle and no heavy lifting.

Add MultiSwitch Plus.

MultiSwitch Plus - Extended Control for Sunset, Riverside, and Volante

Connect MultiSwitch Plus to Iridium for a total of four footswitchable Iridium presets available at a moment’s notice. To save a new preset, press and hold Iridium’s FAV footswitch, then press the A, B, or C footswitch on MultiSwitch Plus to select the desired preset location, and press Iridium’s FAV footswitch to save the preset. Three amps, nine cabinets, and tones ranging from pristine cleans to powerful high gain are instantly accessible.

Menus Are off the Menu.

Strymon Iridium amp & cab IR close up

Part of what makes playing with the best tube amps so satisfying is the immediate response from familiar controls. Whether you’re setting up your sounds at home, recording in the studio, or playing live on stage, Iridium gives you that same instant response and familiar control set. When you need to quickly tweak your tone on stage, the last thing you want is a deep menu dive. With Iridium, quick adjustments are easy and instinctive, keeping you in the moment.

Where Can I Use Iridium?

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