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Iridium in the Studio

In the Studio.

Iridium provides gorgeous, iconic amp tones, stunningly realistic stereo cabinet impulse responses, and natural room ambience—setting a new standard for amp/cab emulation.

Go Direct.

Place Iridium at the end of your effects chain and capture stereo amp and cab tones direct into your recording interface. Or, place Iridium before your delays and reverbs to allow those time-based effects to occur post amp and cab.

Less Hassle.

Skip the hassle of miking up amps or having to crank them up to get the tone you desire. Instantly audition amps and cabs with the flick of a switch. Walk into the studio with your ideal tone already dialed in.

Any Studio.

Strymon Iridium amp & IR cab in studio

From small project studios to the most famous tracking rooms, Iridium delivers tone that’s second to none. No matter what the studio’s amp, mic, or room situation may be or which engineer is on duty, Iridium ensures that the best possible guitar tone is easily and instantly available with no guesswork. Iridium gives you extraordinary tone every time.

Essential Amps.

Strymon Iridium amp & IR cab in studio

Iridium gives you three of the most recorded amplifiers of all time, providing a wide range of go-to guitar tones in the studio. The three amps are paired with nine stereo IR cabinets that offer a level of realism and responsiveness unprecedented in outboard effects, plus there is adjustable, amazingly natural room ambience. Iridium reacts to your guitar and pedals just like the iconic amps it emulates. Get the best possible recording of these sought after tones every time with Iridium.

Expandable IRs.

Strymon Iridium amp & cab IR impulse manager

Because Iridium delivers 24bit 96kHz resolution for the entire 500 milliseconds of its speaker cabinet impulse responses, countless details are accurately preserved and reproduced to give you a completely real speaker response. Iridium is able to use the absolute highest quality IRs available, and it’s easy to replace the pre-installed IRs with custom IRs from your own collection by using Strymon Impulse Manager software. To download the software or learn more, visit

Beyond Vintage.

Strymon Iridium in dramatic lighting, with Fender, Marshall, and Vox amps propped up in the background

The classics: Fender® Deluxe Reverb, Vox® AC30TB, and the Marshall® Plexi. Not only does Iridium consistently give you the sound and feel of each of these amps (in perfect running condition with perfect reliability), we’ve hot-rodded each amp to provide an extended range of tonal options beyond what was available from the original designs. That means substantial extra gain on tap for the Chime (based on AC30) and Punch (based on Plexi) amps, and the ability to scoop or push the mids on the Round amp (based on Deluxe Reverb). Whatever tone the recording calls for, Iridium can deliver.

Where Can I Use Iridium?

*All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Strymon. These product names, descriptions and images are provided for the sole purpose of identifying the specific products that were studied during Strymon’s sound design process. Fender®, Deluxe Reverb®, Blues Junior®, and Vibrolux® are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Vox® is a registered trademark of Vox R&D Limited. Marshall® is a registered trademark of Marshall Amplification Plc. Mesa/Boogie®, Half-Back®, and Black Shadow® are registered trademarks of Mesa/Boogie, Ltd. Celestion® is a registered trademark of Rola Celestion, Ltd. Electro-Voice® is a registered trademark of Robert Bosch, GmbH. Jensen® is a registered trademark of Sica Altoparlanti S.R.L.