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Lush, Majestic Reverbs. Insane DSP Power.

The philosophy behind our blueSky Reverberator is simple—take a ridiculously powerful SHARC DSP and dedicate it to doing one thing only: producing the most lush, majestic and stunning reverbs ever. Many hours and sleepless nights in the Strymon sound design labs were devoted to developing the complex reverb algorithms found inside blueSky. We squeezed every last drop of processing power available.

blueSky Reverberator - Reverb Pedal

Prepare for Reverb Bliss.

Whether you’re a classic spring reverb fan or a studio rack aficionado, you’ll find your mojo here. blueSky provides three different reverb types, each with three modes, for a total of nine completely unique reverb experiences. blueSky even delivers an extremely versatile plate reverb, a rarity for a stompbox pedal. A full pre-delay and damping section provide deep reverb tone shaping. Add the mod and shimmer modes and you’re in store for unending reverb bliss. Couple that with 24-bit 96kHz converters and 115dB typical signal to noise, blueSky is equally at home on top of a studio console as it is in front of a tube amp.


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  • Audio Samples

    • Bright Spring
      A bright spring with no pre-delay and a moderately heavy mix recreates a miked up amps' spring tank for some classic surf.
    • Plate Showcase
      A variety of settings using the plate algorithm showcase the versatility, including a bright ambience (at 0:07), a large synthesized bright room (0:17), a larger bright metallic reverb (0:27), a couple of beautifully damped dark plates (0:45), a 'huge rubber barrel' that has maximum low and minimum high (1:01), and finally a cymbal-like plate with minimum low and maximum high (1:22)
    • Modulation
      The 'mod' option for the plate algorithm creates a beautifully chorused effect when mixed in with the dry signal. This clip uses some pre-delay to prevent the dry signal from being overwhelmed, and to allow the sound to 'breathe'.
    • Plate Shimmer
      The plate's 'shimmer' effect generates octaves within the tank to create an ever-expanding and regenerating bloom of pure harmonics that adds an ethereal synth-pad type of effect.
    • Room Showcase
      The quality and range of the Room algorithm is highlighted with an array of sounds, including a lively walk-in closet (0:04), a nicely balanced room (0:15), a warm, small auditorium (0:28), a large hall with a long, balanced decay (0:41), an empty arena with lots of bass-traps but no high damping (0:57), and that same arena with plenty of high-damping but no bass traps (1:12).

    Signal path: Damage Control tube preamp » blueSky » audio interface.

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  • The Blue Sky Reverberator is a gem—a toneshaping masterpiece.
    Premier Guitar
  • ...an exquisitely designed, painstakingly constructed reverb box that can hold its own against some of the finest rack units. A spacious, shimmering five stars out of five for what I firmly believe to be the best reverb pedal on the market.
    Adam Jasairi
  • ...blueSky can deliver genuine spacey tones - some entirely unique to the unit - as well as classic mechanical reverbs.
    Alex Maiolo
    Tape Op
  • The real reason to buy the blueSky is because it goes way beyond what other reverb pedals can do...
    Alex Maiolo
    Tape Op
  • ...signal-to-noise is an impressive 115 dB, so these double as a studio option.
    Alex Maiolo
    Tape Op


blueSky reverberator – Reverb Pedal

The philosophy behind our blueSky Reverberator is simple—to give you the most lush, majestic and stunning reverbs ever.


Availability: In stock.
Ships same day, or next business day.