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Certified Organic Delay

The delays that become true classics do not simply repeat the notes you play.

They do something special to each delay repeat – something that evokes a feeling, fueling the music and inspiring you.

Plug into Brig, play a note, and you’re instantly drawn in by repeats that evolve with captivating complexity and uncommonly rich tonal characteristics.

Brig delivers all the warmth, subtle grit and unique tactile playing experience of analog bucket brigade delays (BBDs), offering three distinct delay voicings in one highly addictive stereo pedal.

Strymon Brig with psychedelic visual effect resting on orange instrument cables.

Three Delays in One

Brig’s stunning dBucket sound generation gives you three different and meticulously crafted analog delay voicings.

The 3205 voice delivers gritty repeats that can morph as it feeds back, creating sounds ranging from gorgeous slapback echoes to psychedelic sci-fi effects.

The 3005 voice recreates a dual MN3005 BBD chip circuit running at 15V for longer delay times, higher headroom, and warm repeats with a soft, dreamlike quality.

The Multi voice features two cross-coupled, super-clean dBucket delay lines with golden ratio timing to create complex soundscapes and a huge stereo soundfield that remains musical and clean even while sitting on the edge of self-oscillation.

Closeup of Brig's VOICE switch with '3205', '3005', and 'multi' delay options
Closeup of Brig's rear panel, with an input jack, output jack, stereo routing switch, USB jack, 9V power connection, and EXP/MIDI jack.

Deceptively Powerful

Brig is a triumph of compact design, offering a huge amount of power and flexibility in an elegantly small form factor: Three truly distinct delay voices. Artifact-free tap tempo. Stereo operation. Straightforward responsive controls and expression pedal capability. High-impedance, ultra-low noise discrete Class A JFET stereo input preamp for exceptional touch sensitivity, dynamics and feel. MIDI control for tempo, patch save/recall, and more. Premium components, rugged construction, and a USB jack for controlling the pedal via MIDI from a computer or for performing firmware updates.

Audio Examples

Sound Design


Controls & Routing

Hover over the interactive dots to learn more about Brig’s knobs, switches, and inputs/outputs.

Tap on the interactive buttons (+) to learn more about Brig’s knobs, switches, and inputs/outputs.

Adjusts the EQ filtering, noise, and bucket loss of the repeats based on the selected VOICE.

Adds LFO modulation to the delay time. Modulation is off at the minimum setting. The
modulation speed is slow in the first half of the knob and fast in the second half of the knob, increasing in intensity as the knob is turned clockwise.

Controls the delay time according to the selected VOICE. Delay clock is continuously variable so that turning it while repeats are
happening can produce interesting pitch effects.

Controls the delay mix from full dry at minimum to full wet with no dry signal at maximum. A 50/50 mix occurs at approximately 3 o’clock on the knob.

3205: 30–300ms — Recreates the character of vintage delay pedals that used a single low voltage MN3205 BBD chip for gritty repeats—great for slap back, leads, and sci-fi sounds

3005: 100ms–1 sec — Recreates the character of vintage delay pedals that used two MN3005 BBD chips at higher voltage for longer delay times with a dreamy quality

multi: Creates complex soundscapes using two cross-coupled, super-clean BBD delay lines with golden ratio timing

Engages and disengages the effect. The RED
LED on at the top of the pedal indicates that
the effect is engaged. 

Press and hold the footswitch for 1 second to enter/exit TAP mode and tap quarter notes to set your delay time. The LED will flash RED
and BLUE to indicate the tempo.

Varies the number of delay repeats from one to runaway oscillation. Set to 3 o’clock for sustained, infinite repeat without runaway.

High impedance, ultra low-noise, discrete Class A JFET preamp input.

TRS adapter cable required for stereo input signal (not included).

Low impedance stereo TRS output. Use TS cable for mono output or TRS for stereo output.

Multifunction communication jack for external control of Brig's features and functions. Use a standard TRS expression pedal for continuous control over the knobs of the pedal (default setting).

Can be set to operate in one of five modes: Expression Pedal, Favorite, Tap Tempo, Infinite, or MIDI Mode. See User Manual for details.

Use a power supply with the following rating: 2.1mm, 9VDC, center negative, 250mA minimum. Power supply not included.

mono: mono input, mono output

mono stereo: mono input, stereo output

stereo: stereo input, stereo output

NOTE: Stereo operation requires a TRS adapter or cable.

Computer connection for controlling Brig via MIDI, for performing firmware updates and for connection to Strymon’s Nixie editor/librarian software (coming soon).