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El Capistan


Vintage Vibe Machine.

Plug in, play a note or chord, and you feel it: All the warm, saturated, distinctive qualities and subtle nuances of vintage tape echo combine to instantly create an unmistakable atmosphere.

Everything from classic slapback echoes to psychedelic space explorations have stunning richness and depth, responding to each note and knob turn in a musically inspiring way.

Turn up the repeats for organic delay feedback with just the right amount of grit. Dial in some spring reverb to further enhance the sense of space. Effortlessly create multi-layered ambient soundscapes with the tape-style sound on sound looper.

Transform your pedalboard into the inspiration machine it was meant to be.

Strymon El Capistan On Wood Panel

Magnetic Monster.

El Capistan provides three different tape machine types in one pedal, each with three unique modes and extensive control over tape quality, machine health and tone shaping.

Go from the full-range sonic stability of a fresh-from-the-factory echo machine, to the heavily fluctuating sound of a road-worn unit in need of service. Enjoy the full bodied sound of fresh tape, or dial in the dark, gnarled and vibey qualities of worn out tape.

Our meticulously handcrafted dTape™ technology and powerful ARM DSP give you a range of tape experiences that would be unattainable with a single traditional tape machine. Plus you get sound on sound looping, all without the headaches of tape machine maintenance and repair.

Classic Sound, New Features.

Our second generation El Capistan keeps the same rich magnetic tape echo tones from our original and adds significant new features, incorporating technological advancements, hardware improvements and design enhancements to give you additional flexibility, power, and ease of use on stage and in the studio.


Full MIDI implementation means you can control just about every switch, knob, and setting remotely by sending MIDI commands from your controller or DAW via El Capistan’s EXP/MIDI jack or USB-C connection. 

Delay time can be synchronized via MIDI Clock Sync, and the sync setting can be saved for each preset. 

300 MIDI preset locations are available for loading and saving your favorite settings.

Hardware Improvements

A premium analog JFET input circuit ensures superb responsiveness to your playing, and you can select mono or stereo input with the flick of a rear panel switch. 

All this, plus a new ARM DSP chip provides more processing power for every sonic nuance, with less energy consumption on your pedalboard.

Spring Reverb

Some classic tape echo machines included small integrated spring reverb tanks tuned for limited bandwidth. 

For El Capistan, we captured this vintage vibe while creating a spring reverb algorithm with a gorgeous, gentle character that stands on its own, in addition to enhancing delayed signals.


El Capistan Videos

2 Videos

Audio Examples

Sound Design


Controls & Routing

Hover over the interactive dots to learn more about El Capistan’s knobs, switches, and inputs/outputs.

Tap on the interactive buttons (+) to learn more about El Capistan’s knobs, switches, and inputs/outputs.

Strymon El Capistan Top Down Shot

Controls the bandwidth of the tape, just as it would change over time in a traditional tape machine.

Used to access Low End Contour Live Edit function.

Adds spring reverb without affecting the level of the dry or echo signals.

Controls the amount of mechanically related tape speed fluctuations.

Used to access Tape Crinkle Live Edit function.

Varies the number of repeats from one to saturated oscillation.

Used to access Tape Bias Live Edit function.

Controls the delay time according to the selected TAPE HEAD type.

Controls the balance of the dry and echo signals, from 100% dry at minimum to 100% echo at maximum. Set to 3 o’clock for 50/50 dry/echo mix.

Used to access Boost/Cut Live Edit function.

Changes the operation of El Capistan depending on the TAPE HEAD setting. See complete User Manual for details and SOS looper info.

Changes the selected Tape Machine/Head configuration.

fixed: one head, TIME knob varies the tape speed

multi: two heads, TIME knob varies thetape speed

single: TIME knob varies the head position, tape speed is fixed

Tap 1/4 notes to set delay time.
The TAP LED flashes red to indicate tempo.

Hold switch for infinite repeats.

Engages and bypasses effect. Red LED indicates the effect is engaged.

Strymon El Capistan Rear Shot

High impedance, ultra low-noise, discrete Class A JFET preamp input. TRS adapter cable required for stereo input signal.

Low impedance stereo audio signal output. Use Out L for mono output.

Low impedance stereo audio signal output. Use Out L and Out R for stereo output.

Multifunction communication jack for external control of El Capistan's features and functions.

Use a standard TRS expression pedal for continuous control over the knobs of the pedal.

See complete User Manual for details about configuring for MIDI communication or accessories such as Strymon Conduit, MultiSwitch Plus, and MiniSwitch.

Use the included power supply or an adapter with the following rating:

9VDC, center negative, 300mA minimum.

Computer connection for controlling via MIDI and firmware updates.

Select input signal type.

MONO: Use with a mono input signal. Output is stereo.

STEREO: Use with a stereo input signal. Output is stereo.