Artist Feature: Tim Williams

Strymon Artist Feature - Tim Williams

We are always excited to discover musicians using Strymon pedals in inspiring and creative ways. Today’s Artist Feature is no exception. Guitarist Tim Williams reached out to us a few months back to share with us how his discovery of blueSky and El Capistan provided the creative spark needed for what would eventually become his […]

Artist Feature: Gina Gleason

Strymon Artist Feature - Gina Gleason

A love for all-things-pedal effects can often be a powerful force of attraction between guitarists. All those conversations about sounds and gear can provide the perfect creative springboard for an inspired and long-lasting musical partnership. Such is the case for Philadelphia’s Baroness, a band known for its crunchy hard guitar sound and melodic grooves. The […]

Artist Feature: Siegfried Meier

Strymon Artist Feature - Siegfried Meier

German-born producer, engineer, and musician Siegfried Meier has had a very busy year and a half. In addition to being the owner and purveyor of all things recording and mastering at his Beach Road Studios, in Ontario, Canada, 2019 saw the debut of Meier’s indie-friendly Cat Box studio in Cambridge, Ontario, the launch of his mix-ready […]

This Week’s Preset: Joe King Breaks Down Radiohead’s “Subterranean Homesick Alien”

Strymon Preset of the week

This Week’s Preset is a preset bonanza, combining settings on TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius to create the signature sounds of Radiohead’s “Subterranean Homesick Alien.” Guitarist Joe King crafted this custom combination from scratch and altered the arrangement so it could be played on one guitar instead of two. “This is for the main special effects […]

This Week’s Favorite: Donivan Berube

Strymon Preset of the Week El Capistan delay pedal

This Week’s Favorite is “So Much No Mountain” by Arizona singer-songwriter Donivan Berube. Berube’s deft use of El Capistan’s delay and tape saturation effects combined with the interplay between guitar, vocals, and saxophone make for a moody and melancholy backdrop perfectly suited for the song’s lyrics. “So Much No Mountain” is part of a larger […]

Featured Pedalboard: Tim Mahoney of 311

Tim Mahoney live

Ever the alchemist of guitar tone, 311 guitarist Tim Mahoney is often changing up his pedal combinations to create interesting new sounds and textures. To understand the depth of Mahoney’s passion for sonic experimentation, one need look no further than the boards he’s assembled post-311’s recent Never-Ending Summer Tour with The Offspring and Gym Class […]

Artist Feature: The Sub-Gents

Strymon artist feature: The subgents

  The Sub-Gents may currently hail from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, but the band’s founder and frontman, Fletcher Stewart is a Tennessee native at heart. Spending his formative music years playing in the hardcore scene in Knoxville, Stewart eventually toured the US with the surf-psych-punk band The Cheat for several years before picking up and moving […]

This Week’s TimeLine Preset: Joel Gilardini Live

Strymon Preset of the week blueSky Timeline

Zurich experimental composer and sound designer Joel Gilardini uses TimeLine to craft the unique and haunting soundscapes heard often in his live performances. Gilardini never plays the same piece twice as each composition is improvised on the spot utilizing live-looping and the three TimeLine presets he explains below. The results are a gorgeous combination of […]

Pedalboard Feature: Kyle Merrill of Brothers Gow

Kyle Merrill Pedalboard

  The funky and sweet sound of the band Brothers Gow has garnered quite the large and loyal following since their early days of playing gigs in and around Flagstaff, Arizona. While the band’s lineup has shifted several times since the band’s inception in 2007, guitarist Kyle Merrill has remained at the heart of the […]

Pedalboard Feature: Lewis Allen

Lewis Allen Pedalboard

Guitarist Lewis Allen has played with some of the best in the business. A well-seasoned session player and producer, Allen’s resume is an impressive mix of legendary artists both new and old — folks like Tom Jones, Jesse J, Nikki Minaj, and Jennifer Hudson. Allen is currently out on the road with Sam Smith in […]