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Cloudburst Firmware Revision Release Notes

We always work hard to improve the experience our customers have with our products. The release notes below list the issues we’ve resolved with Cloudburst.  Download the Strymon Update software to update the firmware on your Cloudburst pedal.


Current Release

Cloudburst Firmware REV v1.21 (Released October 2023)

What’s New?

  • Added secondary function ENSEMBLE mp LEVEL ADJUST for adjusting the level of the mp ENSEMBLE setting.
  • Added new CUSTOM MODE for Cloudburst with MultiSwitch Plus. Cloudburst CUSTOM MODE allows combined access to PRESET 1, PRESET 2, and FREEZE/INFINITE with MultiSwitch Plus.



Cloudburst Firmware REV v1.04 (Released February 2023)

What’s Fixed?

  • Kill Dry power-up function now persists between power cycles.
  • Audio output is now muted when the pedal is bypassed while in Kill Dry mode.
  • Pedal no longer gets stuck in Expression Pedal Setup mode if the controls are not adjusted when pressing the footswitch exiting this mode.