How can I update the firmware on Iridium?

To update the firmware on your Iridium to the latest version, download and install our Strymon Update software from the following page:

Strymon Update

System Requirements

Mac 10.14 or higher
Windows 10 or higher

Once you have downloaded and installed Strymon Update:

  • Run the applications with your powered Iridium connected to your computer with the included USB-mini cable via the USB-mini jack on the back of the pedal.¬†¬†Strymon Update will automatically detect Iridium.
  • Click on the ‘Check for Updates’ button to verify if a new firmware version is available.
  • If an update is available, click on the “Install Update” button.
  • The program will show “Your device is up to date” once the update is completed.