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How do I adjust the Output Level Trim on Iridium?

There is an output Level Trim feature on Iridium that allows you to adjust the output volume for both the 1/4″ Output and the Headphone output together without altering the level that is saved to a Favorite setting.  It is essentially a global output level adjustment that does not affect the saved levels between your presets.  It is also useful when monitoring  with headphones.

  • To adjust the Level Trim on Iridium:
    • Press and hold the ON footswitch until the LED’s blink.
    • Turn the LEVEL knob to scale the output level.  The FAV LED indicates the status:
      • The knob will sweep from -20dB at the (GREEN LED at lowest setting) to +3dB (AMBER LED at maximum setting).
      • The ON LED turns RED when there is no boost or cut of the output level, at the 12 o’clock noon knob position.
    • Press the ON or FAV footswitch to exit and store the Level Trim setting.

NOTE:  Any firmware versions prior to V1.32- LEVEL TRIM value is not stored as part of a preset and resets each time the pedal powers up. Check here for firmware revision notes