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Iridium Firmware Revision Release Notes

We always work hard to improve the experience our customers have with our products. The release notes below list the new features we’ve added to Iridium and/or issues we’ve resolved.  Download the Strymon Update software to update the firmware on your Iridium.


Current Release

Iridium Firmware REV v1.32 (Released October 2023)

What’s Fixed?

  • Corrected issues resulting in unexpected output level changes.
  • Corrected MultiSwitch Plus to always extinguish LEDs for presets which are no longer active.

What’s new?

  • Added new LIVE EDIT feature, AMP DISABLE, for individual presets.
  • Added CC# 21 for AMP DISABLE.
  • LEVEL TRIM setting is now saved through power cycles.

Iridium Firmware REV v1.19 (Released July 2020)

What’s Fixed?

  • Setting Input Level power-up mode to LINE is now retained after powering down the pedal.
  • Saving a preset immediately after power-up now stores settings correctly when the EXP/MIDI jack mode is set to External Favorite switch.
  • Iridium now generates MIDI data from the MIDI OUTPUT when MIDI OUT power-up mode was set to ON.
  • Expression pedal MIDI CC# 100 sent via USB now works during the expression pedal setup procedure.
  • Changing the MIDI Channel at power-up now changes the USB port MIDI communication channel as well.
  • You can now save presets by sending a MIDI PC message via USB.

What’s new?

  • Added MIDI CC# 9 for setting the PRE (value 0) or POST (values 1-127) positioning of the Volume pedal (MIDI CC# 7) when the EXP/MIDI jack was not set to VOLUME PRE or VOLUME POST.


Iridium Firmware REV v1.17 (Released April 2020)

What’s Fixed?

  • Fixed a random behavior where the knobs could “wake up” on their own after a Favorite or MIDI preset is recalled.

Iridium Firmware REV v1.16 (Released March 2020)

What’s Fixed?

  • Fixed an issue that could potentially lock up the user interface if the pedal received a MIDI reset message or oddly timed MIDI messages.


Archived Releases

Iridium Firmware REV v1.12 (Released December 2019)

What’s fixed?

  • Fixed an issue that could lead to bit-crushed static-like audio signal from the ROOM ambience.
  • Corrected the gain and leveling between the IR cabs when in AMP BYPASS mode.
  • Save preset now responds to USB MIDI Program Change messages