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Mobius Firmware Download and Revision Release Notes

We always work hard to improve the experience our customers have with our products. The release notes below list out new features we’ve added to Mobius and issues we’ve resolved. Download the Strymon Update software to update the firmware on your Mobius.


Current Release

Mobius Firmware Rev. 1.39 (Released March 2019):

What’s new?

MultiSwitch Plus Compatibility

  • Added support for MultiSwitch Plus.

Bypassed Preset Recall

  • Added BYPASS as a parameter option for the PRE/POST parameter which allows a preset to be saved and recalled in a buffered bypass state.

What’s fixed?

  • Resolved an issue with MIDI Clock per preset behavior.


Mobius Firmware Rev. 1.34 (Released November 2017):

What’s new?

MIDI Clock

  • Added midi clock per preset functionality.  The MIDI CL (MIDI clock) parameter is no longer found in the GLOBLS menu.  It is now available in the PARAMS menu to be saved independently for each preset.


  • Added THRU mode for a true MIDI Through option which passes incoming MIDI messages to the MIDI Out jack without merging messages generated by the pedal.
  • ON mode (from previous Firmware revisions) has been renamed MERGE, and merges messages generated by the pedal with incoming MIDI messages.

Nixie 1.0

  • Compatibility with Strymon Nixie 1.0.

Anti-Alias Filter

  • Added anti-alias filter in block process to combat noise generated by pedals that use charge pump components.

Phase Reset

  • Added phase reset support for all effects via midi.

TAP Switch MIDI CC Output

  • Changed TAP switch MIDI CC# output to Remote TAP MIDI CC# 93 instead of TAP button message.

What’s fixed?

  • Resolved issue where the SPEED parameter was affected if Mobius was receiving MIDI Clock and set to MIDI CL OFF.



Archived Releases

Mobius Firmware Rev. 1.15 (Released February 2015)

What’s New:

  • Added MultiSwitch EXP controller support with TAP, Bank, and Preset EXP modes.
  • Added global to allow for turning off response to MIDI clock.
  • Added default values for alt params for Destroyer
  • Added support for bypass not touched during midi preset change.
  • Added global for on/off midi send state on preset change.
  • Added inverse remote Tap controller CC# 99.
  • Improved MIDI Thru.

What’s Fixed:

  • Resolved display issue with low frequency rotary.
  • Resolved display issue with invalid characters and decimal points in a name.
  • Resolved issue where if name is scrolling on display then global mode won’t be entered.


Firmware Rev. 1.08 (Released June 2013)

What’s New:

  • Preset Dump:
    • We’ve added a Preset Dump function in the Global menu. This is a great way to make a backup of your Mobius presets.