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Availability: In stock.
Ships same day, or next business day.




Availability: In stock.
Ships same day, or next business day.

Never worry about power again.

Strymon Zuma is the quietest and most powerful pedal power supply of its kind, capable of powering a huge number of guitar pedals silently and reliably with a staggering 500mA of current available at each output. With nine high-current, individually isolated, ultra-low-noise outputs – each with its own dedicated regulator and custom transformer – Zuma is the most advanced isolated pedal power supply available today.

A pedalboard can be a noisy place, and your choice of power supply can have a huge effect on the noise level and transparency of your guitar tone. We designed Zuma to address the main pain points guitarists face with dual-stage topology, pre-regulated outputs, optically isolated feedback and advanced multi-stage filtering – so you can rest easy at the gig, knowing that your pedals and rig will sound the absolute best that it can.

Zuma - Effects Pedal Power Supply - front view

Dual isolation.

Zuma’s all analog circuitry offers two stages of isolation, completely eliminating ground loop and AC line noise issues, allowing your pedals to sound like they were designed to sound.

World tour ready.

With automatic international power compatibility built-in, Zuma delivers an abundance of clean, rock-steady power to all your pedals, on any stage anywhere you play in the world.

Never run out of outputs.

Have a growing rig? Zuma is part of an expandable system. Add more outputs by connecting a Strymon Ojai or Ojai R30 (sold separately) with the 24V Out jack.


Ins & Outs

Front Panel

  • LED illuminates when pedal is connected.
  • Plug your pedals in here. Outputs 1 through 7 provide 500mA at 9VDC.
  • Plug your pedals in here. Outputs 8 and 9 offer a selection of 9V, 12V, or 18V, providing 500mA, 375mA, or 250mA respectively.
  • Connect a Strymon Ojai or Ojai R30 (sold separately) to the 24V OUT jack and gain additional outputs for your pedals.

Rear Panel

  • Connect the included IEC cable here. Compatible with 120V, 240V, 100V, and anywhere in between. For worldwide operation, use appropriate regional IEC cable (sold separately).



Frequently Asked Questions

Strymon Power Supply Family

Expand Your Existing System

Power adapter not included.

Requires existing Strymon power system.