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Brigadier logo in white with tagline dBucket delay

NOTE: This page is for a discontinued product. Click below to see the product page for BRIG, our newest BBD pedal emulation.


Destroy the Analog / Digital Divide.

In setting out to design Brigadier, we decided to take a super-powerful SHARC DSP and dedicate all of its horsepower to doing one thing and one thing only—delivering the best analog bucket brigade sound ever. We’ve utilized every last drop of DSP power, allowing Brigadier to deliver every minute detail and nuance that makes analog delays special. Our hand crafted, processor-intense dBucket algorithm delivers all of the sonic complexities of analog bucket delays with none of the drawbacks. No stone has been left unturned.

Clean or Noisy. Your Choice.

Brigadier gives you all of the tone and none of the noise of regular old bucket brigade chips, unless of course you choose to add it back with our exclusive Bucket Loss control. Go from warm and clean repeats all the way to noisy, saturated delays. Couple that with dedicated modulation and filter controls, tap tempo, and assignable expression pedal input, and you have yourself a versatile delay powerhouse.


Sound clips played by our resident Sound Designer, Pete Celi. Signal path: Damage Control tube preamp » Brigadier » audio interface.

Sound Clips

Brigadier & blueSky Video

Tone Shaping

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Front Panel Controls

Strymon Brigadier dBucket delay
  • Time controls the delay time according to the selected delay mode. Delay clock is continuously variable. Turning the knob while repeats are occurring can produce dramatic pitch effects.
  • Mode controls the delay time range by adjusting the number of dBucket ‘chips’ in the delay. Short mode ranges from 40ms to 400 ms, med from 100ms to 1000ms, and long from 500ms to 5s.
  • Tap changes the tap subdivision between quarter notes, dotted eighth notes, and eighth note triplets.
  • Mix controls the balance of your analog dry signal and your wet signal, from 100% dry at minimum to 100% wet at maximum. The mix occurs entirely in analog. 50/50 mix occurs when the Mix knob is set to 3:00. Hold Tap and Bypass simultaneously while turning the Mix knob to access the +/-3dB Boost/Cut feature. Achieve a plus or minus 3dB boost or cut when the pedal is engaged.
  • Bucket Loss controls the amount bucket loss at each stage in the dBucket algorithm, from no loss at minimum to full noisy loss at maximum. Set to 3:00 to get maximum distortion with just a hint of noise. Increasing from 3:00 adds more noisy loss. Hold Tap and Bypass simultaneously while turning the Bucket Loss knob to access the Filter feature. The Filter control allows the delay repeats to be darker or brighter.
  • Repeats varies the number of repeats from just one all the way to runaway oscillation. When set to 3:00, a sustained infinite repeat is achieved without runaway.
  • Mod adds LFO modulation to the delay time. Modulation is off at the minimum setting. The modulation speed is slow in the first half of the knob, and fast in the second half of the knob, increasing in intensity as the knob is turned clockwise.
  • Tap quarter notes to set the delay time. The TAP LED will flash to indicate the tempo. TIP: Holding the tap footswitch will result in infinite repeats.
  • Engages and disengages effect. Bypass mode is true bypass by default. LED on indicates that the effect is engaged. TIP: Hold the bypass footswitch during power up to change the bypass mode to analog bypass with trails (delay persist).

Ins & Outs

Strymon Brigadier dBucket delay
  • Input – Plug your instrument in here. Default is mono input. Can be used as TRS stereo input by switching internal jumper.
  • Exp – Connect an expression pedal and control any one knob with your foot. Or plug in a favorite switch to save and recall a preset.
  • Left Output – Connect to your amp, mixing board, other pedals, etc. Acts as a mono output when only one channel is being used.
  • Right Output – Connect to your amp, mixing board, other pedals, etc.
  • Power – Maximum 9 volts DC center negative, with a minimum of 250mA current.



Brigadier is capable of recreating every nuance of an analogue delay with none of the drawbacks.
Guitarist Magazine
There are lots of analog delay modelers on the market, but most of them don't provide the feel of playing a true analog delay. The Brigadier nails it.
Premier Guitar
Premier Guitar