Artist Feature: Ash Jangda

Strymon Artist Feature - Ash Jaganda

I was lucky enough to see Guitarist Ash Jangda playing with Josiah Bell in Los Angeles a while ago. Seeing Ash play is a treat and that is why I’m happy to be featuring Ash on our Artist Feature. Ash has played with Willow Smith, Wyclef Jean, Dave Koz, Arturo Sandoval and so so many […]

Featured Pedalboard: Tim Mahoney of 311

Tim Mahoney live

Ever the alchemist of guitar tone, 311 guitarist Tim Mahoney is often changing up his pedal combinations to create interesting new sounds and textures. To understand the depth of Mahoney’s passion for sonic experimentation, one need look no further than the boards he’s assembled post-311’s recent Never-Ending Summer Tour with The Offspring and Gym Class […]

Featured Pedalboard: John Oates

John Oates Pedalboard

Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, Daryl Hall and John Oates have been making hit after hit for decades. John Oates and guitar tech Frank Robbins recently gave us a bit of insight into John’s board and John’s career. Read more below. What pedalboard is this and what is your signal chain? Frank: These 2 […]

Pedalboard Feature: Kyle Merrill of Brothers Gow

Kyle Merrill Pedalboard

  The funky and sweet sound of the band Brothers Gow has garnered quite the large and loyal following since their early days of playing gigs in and around Flagstaff, Arizona. While the band’s lineup has shifted several times since the band’s inception in 2007, guitarist Kyle Merrill has remained at the heart of the […]

Pedalboard Feature: Lewis Allen

Lewis Allen Pedalboard

Guitarist Lewis Allen has played with some of the best in the business. A well-seasoned session player and producer, Allen’s resume is an impressive mix of legendary artists both new and old — folks like Tom Jones, Jesse J, Nikki Minaj, and Jennifer Hudson. Allen is currently out on the road with Sam Smith in […]

Pedalboard Feature: KAUAN

KAUAN’s latest release, Kaiho marks a creative departure for the Ukraine-based band known primarily for its unique blend of Finnish-influenced metal and ambient music. After the success of the band’s seventh album Sorni Nai, KAUAN founding member and songwriter, Anton Belov decided he wanted to explore the more ambient side of the equation and set […]

Featured Pedalboard: Ted Gowans

Strymon Ted Gowan Pedalboard Feature

Ted Gowans got his first big musical break playing guitar and keyboards for the powerhouse rock duo, Tegan and Sara back in 2004. After a successful ten-year run with the band, Ted has since produced and performed with a variety of artists – folks like Saint Motel, the Rentals, and The Moth and the Flame, […]

Using Riverside as a Preamp

Strymon Riverside Overdrive effects loop

Our Riverside multistage drive is a versatile pedal that provides a wide range of sound and is a great addition as an overdrive/distortion on any pedal board.  But did you know that you can also utilize Riverside’s flexible tonal options as 2-channel preamp direct into your amplifier’s power amp or into the front end of […]

Pedalboard Feature: Mitch Holder

Strymon Artist Mitch Holder Feature

Mitch Holder has been honing his guitar skills for over 50 years, and in that time he has worn many hats in the music world. He has worked with a great list of artists in the studio including Neil Young, The Beach Boys, Bernadette Peters, and many more. He spent time on television with Johnny […]

Pedalboard Feature: Vanessa Wheeler of LeoLeo

Strymon Pedalboard Feature Vanessa Wheeler

LeoLeo is a duo of talented long-time friends, Vanessa Wheeler (songs/guitars/vocals) and Sarah Hope (drums/electronics/production). Their music ranges from dreamy soundscapes to fast-paced rock songs. As someone who has had the opportunity to see them perform live, I can tell you that in addition to great songs, powerful arrangements, and infectious musical energy onstage, another thing that really stands […]