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Artist Feature: Ash Jangda

I was lucky enough to see Guitarist Ash Jangda playing with Josiah Bell in Los Angeles a while ago. Seeing Ash play is a treat and that is why I’m happy to be featuring Ash on our Artist Feature. Ash has played with Willow Smith, Wyclef Jean, Dave Koz, Arturo Sandoval and so so many more. Learn more about Ash below and if you have a chance to see him play live, don’t pass it up.

Can you tell us a little bit about your early days as a musician?

I was born and raised in Miami, FL. That’s where I discovered my love of guitar, rock ‘n’ roll and jazz. You could say it was my formal training ground. After escaping Florida International University, with a Jazz Performance degree, I decided to chase my dreams of moving to New York and making my mark on the jazz world. I soon found out that the transition from Miami to NY is not quite as forgiving as the one from NY to Miami. So I retreated from the cold tough boroughs of NY to sunny Central Florida where after joining one of the region’s fastest-growing mega-churches I was catapulted headfirst into the world of Gospel music. Orlando, FL is where I acquired some substantial on the job experience backing up a who’s who of Gospel artists as well as recording with some major hip hop producers. This was also where I started to fuel a desire to be more than just a sideman. I recorded my first CD and made the decision to head out west to Los Angeles. I’ve been in Los Angeles for 6 years now.

Talk us through your signal chain.

PolyTune (mini) > CryBaby (mini) > Pigtronix Class A boost > JHS Mini Foot Fuzz > Xotic SL Drive > Xotic Soul Driven > Strymon El Capistan > Strymon BlueSky > EHX Freeze > BBE Sonic Stomp

Do you have a favorite(s) settings on the El Capistan?

I love my El Cap, there really isn’t a bad setting on there. But if I had to choose, personally I never get tired of the Fixed Head setting in Mode B while riding the wow and flutter and dial in the tape age to taste to get that super warm saturated trippyness.

What guitars and amps are you using right now?

Depending on the situation, I’ve been using my G&L Comanche (strat style), D’Angelico EXDC (335 style), Reverend Charger 290 (tele style) and/or PRS Standard (les Paul style) through my Quilter Micro Pro Mach 2

You’ve worked with such an eclectic mix of artists and genres, can you tell us about a few of the folks you’ve played with and how those collaborations came about?

Since moving to Los Angeles I’ve had the privilege of working with artists like Willow Smith, Bobby Brown, Sam Sparro, Tom Browne (R&B), Dave Koz, Mike Phillips, Jessy J (Jazz) and Deitrick Haddon, Winans Brothers (gospel). In my experience, most of the tours I’ve booked since moving to LA were by referral not auditions. I am eternally grateful for my colleagues who have vouched for me.

In addition to being a musician you’ve also curated several unique music events and festivals – how did that come about? Any events coming up?

I’ve been fortunate to have been able to curate a variety of residencies while residing in LA. From Jazz Night at the W Hollywood, to Analog Dream at The Springs in the Arts District to Down to Funk at Lucky Strike in Hollywood. Currently, I am working with artist Ollie Gabriel on a very exciting show/residency at a high profile venue in LA but its all kinda hush hush until we debut it, so all I can say for the time being is I am thrilled to be a part of a guitar driven show with such amazing talent.

Your also an educator, can you tell us more about that?

I’ve been teaching students privately, in group lessons, at music camps, clinics and on my YouTube channel. This year I am relaunching my YouTube channel with a new look, feel and focus. So subscribe and keep an eye out for more online lessons and music related content.

You have a few new projects in the pipeline, could you tell us about them.

I am so excited to be working on my second album! I’ve been writing and strategically assembling a Dream team for this project. I’m aiming to go into production in March. Also I’ve been writing with amazing Producer/Artist Josiah Bell and artist Ollie Gabriel (NBC Songland) and am scheduled to perform with the talented Kirby (Roc Nation) in March.

Check out Ash Jangda’s Music at
Ash doesn’t just play music, he also does design work. Check that out here
Want even more? Check out Ash’s Vlog with Video Lessons, Interviews, Gear Reviews, Concert Footage & Live Performances at

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