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Artist Feature: Jazz

Jazz posts fill the internet with a plethora of creative and impressive performances of everything from swing, latin, fusion, and beyond. Whether you prefer the Gypsy stylings of players like Django Reinhardt or the polyrhythms and syncopation of fusion we hope you’ll find something to enjoy (or discover!) in the posts below.

Riverside shows off its jazzier side in this demo from Lisa Liu. Playing a snippet from Django Reinhardt’s version of “J’attendrai,” Lisa uses Riverside to create the “warm slightly overdriven and ‘electric’ sound” of Django’s later period.


Jose Allende’s “Nostalgias” is a beautiful and lush fingerstyle fusion of jazz and tango, using the warmth and depth of blueSky to perfection. Hear more of Jose’s original compositions on his new album Breathing.


Jay recently shared this fun picture of his blueSky with its settings placed to create his favorite clean jazz tone.


blueSky was central to the creation of Julian Litwack’s EP Ode to Doobie . Take a listen to these three tracks and enjoy a playful trio of songs that combine a little bit of jazz, a little bit of blues, and a whole lot of rhythm.


Melbourne-based guitarist Harry Tinney shares a wonderful up-beat jazzy jam of the week.


Check out this great live performance by the Casper Hejlesen Jazz Trio as they make their debut on the Danish local program Kaelderlarm.


BigSky takes front and center stage in this swirling and melodic original composition from guitarist Antonio d’Apolito

Get swept up into the android-like sounds and heavy-hitting groove of this synth fusion clip from J3P0, also known as Julian Pollock.

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