This Week’s Preset: Bob Guido “Astra Eterna”

Strymon Preset of the Week

Bob Guido’s latest self-titled release feels like a Choose Your Own Adventure. Each person that listens to this album is going to have their own journey that they go on with it. The songs lift you up and float you through the most beautiful places you can imagine. But not only does Bob Guido offer […]

This Week’s Preset: Piano + BigSky

Strymon Preset of the week BigSky

Classically trained pianist Luca Longobardi creates a marriage between classical piano and contemporary electonic music. Luca has composed music for ballets and films and accompanied installations and experimental art productions (Atelier de Lumières – Paris, Carrière des Lumières – Baux-de-Provence, Kunstkraftwerk – Leipzig). Below Luca shares presets he has used with BigSky on his new […]

This Week’s Preset: Joe King Breaks Down Radiohead’s “Subterranean Homesick Alien”

Strymon Preset of the week

This Week’s Preset is a preset bonanza, combining settings on TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius to create the signature sounds of Radiohead’s “Subterranean Homesick Alien.” Guitarist Joe King crafted this custom combination from scratch and altered the arrangement so it could be played on one guitar instead of two. “This is for the main special effects […]

This Week’s TimeLine Preset: Joel Gilardini Live

Strymon Preset of the week blueSky Timeline

Zurich experimental composer and sound designer Joel Gilardini uses TimeLine to craft the unique and haunting soundscapes heard often in his live performances. Gilardini never plays the same piece twice as each composition is improvised on the spot utilizing live-looping and the three TimeLine presets he explains below. The results are a gorgeous combination of […]

BigSky Bloom Reverb – This Week’s Preset: “7 Wonders”

BigSky Bloom Reverb with Oberheim Matrix-6 vintage synth

This Week’s Preset: BigSky’s Bloom Reverb and a vintage synth! Let’s start off the day right, with a vintage synth and BigSky’s bloom reverb machine. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ethan Tufts [ Hello Road ] (@mrethantufts) The Oberheim Matrix-6 synthesizer alongside my BigSky reverb is one of my favorite sonic combinations on […]

This Week’s Favorite: Saint Luminus and Tales From El Capistan

Strymon Preset of the Week El Capistan delay pedal

Tales from El Capistan is the latest release from Los Angeles guitarist and ambient composer Saint Luminus AKA William Rustrum. It is a collection of original music created using guitars, voice, synth, and only one pedal, El Capistan. Rustrum decided to crowd fund the project earlier in the year because he wanted to share the […]

This Week’s Timeline Preset: Daniel Kastner’s “Wonderment”

Strymon Preset of the week blueSky Timeline

Daniel Kastner is always posting great clips on his Instagram @preampband. So it was exciting when he agreed to share one of his TimeLine presets with us. I’ll let Daniel tell you a bit about himself. “I’m Daniel Kastner, and I started Preamp to make dark ambient music four years ago. My early tracks were […]

This Week’s Preset: Harã Lemes and the sound of “Magic Fireflies”

Strymon Preset of the week blueSky Timeline

Today’s featured track is “Magic Fireflies” from Brazilian guitarist and composer Harã Lemes’ latest release The New Land. The song is a mesmerizing and melodic combination of guitar, vocals, and percussion that deftly weaves in the unique firefly sounds Lemes created using TimeLine. The New Land is a concept album that continues the tale Lemes […]

This Week’s Preset: Outrun the Sunlight and BigSky

Strymon Preset of the week BigSky

Chicago’s Outrun the Sunlight takes us on a unique and masterful musical journey with the band’s most recent album Red Bird. Check out the tracks “Red Bird,” “The Pace of Glaciers,” and “Synergy” linked below and learn more about the BigSky settings used to create these lush and cinematic soundscapes. “‘Red Bird’ is a love […]