Taking a Look at the Agile Guitars of Strymon Demos

Pete Celi demos Riverside Multistage Drive with an Agile guitar

Quite often, many of you have reached out to us wanting to know what guitar is being played in a particular Strymon pedal demo video. That got me thinking about taking a deeper dive into the guitars used, and this is the first in a series of articles exploring those instruments. The first guitars we […]

Flint Tremolo & Reverb – Black Knob Edition

Flint Tremolo & Reverb - Black Knob Edition

When we released our Flint Tremolo & Reverb pedal several years back, we were thrilled to offer our take on iconic tremolo and reverb sounds to the world. We’re honored and humbled that Flint has received many awards and found its way onto pedalboards around the world. Thank you for making Flint a success. We […]

Saying Goodbye to OB.1, Our First Ever Pedal

Strymon OB.1

OB.1 Compressor & Clean Boost was the first effects pedal that we ever released under the Strymon banner, way back in July 2009. The beautifully transparent analog optical compression and clean boost, designed to super-charge your favorite amp, has been embraced by our customers and made its way onto pedalboards around the world. Some of the very […]

Strymon at NAMM 2020!

Strymon founders

2020 Winter NAMM in Anaheim We were back this year at the Anaheim Convention Center in California to spend 4 eventful days at NAMM. Everyone should experience NAMM at least once. It is the ultimate candy shop of music. There is every instrument you can think of and some you would have never imagined. There […]

Our Love for Zuma

Strymon Zuma at beach

We feel blessed to live and work so close to a beautiful coast with great views of the Pacific Ocean. As many of you know we named our Zuma Power Supply after Zuma beach in Malibu. The first people to live in Malibu were the Chumash Indians, and the name “Zuma” comes from the Chumash […]

Lex Week Wrap-Up

Strymon Lex Rotary

The week of February 25 – March 3 was LEX WEEK!  In honor of this occasion, we recorded some all-new Lex Rotary examples featuring single-coil pickups. Check them out in the video below! Also during Lex week, we shared some new photos of Lex out in the wild! View this post on Instagram A post […]

What is a Drum Echo?

Binson Echorec disk

Types of Echo Technology There have been many delay/echo technologies over the years. Before dedicated delay effects were available, studio engineers used their reel-to-reel tape machines to produce echoes. Dedicated delay effects units such as the Echoplex and the Roland Space Echo also used magnetic tape for their echoes, though with less fidelity and stability […]

Strymon at NAMM 2019!

Strymon Namm 2020 booth

Our 2019 NAMM Experience This January’s NAMM Show marked five years at NAMM for Strymon! In case you have never been to this event, the National Association of Music Merchants has described the NAMM Show as “the world’s largest trade-only event for the music products, pro audio and event tech industry.” Well, it’s big alright, […]

Volante Firmware Update v1.10


We always work hard to improve the experience our customers have with our products. The release notes below list the new features we’ve added to Volante and issues we’ve resolved.  Download the Strymon Update software to update the firmware on your Volante. Volante Firmware REV v1.10 (Released February 2019) What’s changed? SOS looper no longer […]

MIDI Control for Sunset and Riverside

Sunset Riverside MIDI

Own Sunset or Riverside? Lurking inside your drive pedal is a hidden superpower: MIDI Control! We have just released new firmware that will allow you to control your Sunset and Riverside via MIDI. You can save and load Sunset/Riverside drive presets and control all knobs and switches via MIDI. Save and recall presets in bypass […]