Artist Feature: That Live Moment

Boy And Bear LiveWe all know that moment – where you freeze in the middle of dancing and cock your head towards the stage and take in the glorious sound. It courses through your body and produces a feeling of awe, joy and exhilaration. And then there is the other moment.  You are looking out on the dancing crowd and you are playing without even thinking about it – the notes are just flying out of you over the ecstatic crowd while you float on a blissful cloud.

This artist feature focuses on playing live. Whether in the crowd or on the stage performing, there is always something special about a live performance.

Annika Westgård & Thomas Moen put on a beautiful performance that lets your imagination float through each note.

We were fortunate to go see Boy & Bear on their latest tour through L.A. and can’t say enough great things about guitarist Killian Gavin. Boy & Bear shared this picture of Killian’s pedalboard at the Conan taping.

Boy and Bear Pedalboard on Conan

Paddy Boy has that special connection with his guitar. You can feel it and see it in his playing.

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