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Artist Feature: Shimmer Reverb


With so many great Strymon-tagged Shimmer posts out there, we thought it was high time to give Shimmer reverb and its many fans some love in this edition of Artist Feature. From the other-worldly sounds of Monochrome Seasons to the symphonic swells from Carlos De Cunha you’ll find a little bit of everything in the videos below. And if you’re hankering to hear and learn more about Shimmer reverb, we’ve also included a series of demos by some of our favorite YouTube folks to help you get your own creative Shimmer mojo in motion.

Evert Zeevalkink puts the Shimmer “falling pitch” effect to great use as the primary loop and inspiration for this track. The sound is created by setting both shifts to -10% with the amount set to max. It’s in Regen mode with a mix at 2:00. The subtle effect provides the perfect foundational dimension and mood for the song.

Shimmer Reverb takes center stage in “Instrumental Song #5” from Monochrome Seasons recent release Space Culture. Monochrome Season is the solo project of guitarist and composer, Antoine Michaud and Space Culture was written as a “musical reflection of our definition of space as individuals and as a culture.”

Want to learn and hear more about the Shimmer Reverb? Just see below.

A brief intro demo of the Shimmer sound.

A nice explanation of Shimmer Reverb as well as use of intervals and parameters 1 and 2 by Rabea Massaad.

Ryan Lutton plays through a multitude of Shimmer presets in this demo. This is an excellent demo for players new to the pedal and preset. Especially nice examples of the dark, murky liquid sounds one can get from exploring the lower settings.

Best Guitar Effects walks through how to set intervals; includes demos of P5, Octave, and +/- 10 Cents settings.



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